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Amsterdam Amnesia is the classic strain that originated in the Netherlands back in the day, a.k.a. Amnesia Haze. Amsterdam Amnesia is a sativa-dominant strain with commercial yield potential as well as very high THC production. It is a wonderful blend of classic Haze varieties.

This is a plant for indoor cultivation except in warmer climates. Plants take 9 – 10 weeks to complete the flowering cycle. Its thin, sativa leaves allow for plenty of light to reach interior bud sites and this strain is also well-known for being highly resistant to spider mites. Amsterdam Amnesia undergoes a lot of stretch when put into the flowering stage so growers are warned to allow plenty of headroom when growing indoors. Buds are unusually dense and compact for a sativa. Yields are very high.

Amsterdam Amnesia has a scent and flavour of citrus and produces between 20 – 25% THC. The effect is euphoric, energising and uplifting but can be very potent for the novice.

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Dutch Passion


Asian and Jamaican Haze strains


Mostly Sativa

Flowering Time

63 – 70 days



THC Content

20 – 25%


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