Grail Widow (GROWL) Regular Seeds – 18


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Grail Widow (aka GROWL) is a new strain from Mr. Nice forming part of the Grail series. It is a product of Afghan, Haze and Widow genetics and achieves the best yields and results when grown outdoors in the ground where the climate allows plants to reach full maturity.

It is perfectly feasible to cultivate Grail Widow indoors although the longest-flowering pheno-types make such an undertaking rather less viable. Approximately 70% of plants will finish in 12 weeks with the remaining Haze-dominant plants taking up to 15 weeks. Yields are between 500 – 750 gr/m2.

THC levels will be in the range 18 – 24% depending on pheno. with 1% CBD and CBG. Expect a wide range of scents, flavours and effects due to the genetic range of the parent strains.</p.

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Mr Nice Seedbank


(NL5 Haze x Haze) x Haze AC) x Widow


Mostly Sativa

Flowering Time

70 – 105 days



THC Content

18 – 24%

CBD Content



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