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Siberia is the land of high pines covered in silvery snow most of the time, reaching up to the high cold skies. And with Siberian Haze in stock you can sort of recreate this in your own garden. The high bushy plants with their piney aroma and silvery trichomes look like a Siberian forest from a bird’s perspective.

Siberian Haze is a crossbreed of Haze and Amnesia. These are very high, very branchy plants, and they keep intensive growing after the flowering starts, so that has to be kept in mind.

Though it is a mostly Sativa strain, flowering takes only 9 weeks, which is short for Sativa hybrids. Gives a very heady Sativa effect.

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AK-47 x Haze x Amnesia


Mostly Sativa

Flowering Time

65-75 days

Flowering Type




THC Content


Plant Height

90-120 см


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